Thursday, November 27, 2014

Garden Roses

 Absolute happiness for me is picking a massive bunch of roses from my garden. 
 I am sure that I would have raved about it before but one of my top three roses would be Pierre de Ronsard.
 I am still recovering from the dreaded lurgy so I thought I would be more more image-y than wordy...

 And my little stripy rose above, finally opened (see below)outlasting all of the flowers from her original bunch - impressive.
I hope something lovely has bloomed in your day too.
Lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx.


  1. Do all those gorgeous roses come from your own garden ?? Lucky you, what a lush garden you must have !!

  2. Beautiful! Looking forward to getting Pierre here too!

  3. What gorgeous roses! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you feel good times!

  4. What a gorgeous rose! I saw the first image in my feed and thought I had to know what it was and now I know, must put it on my list. My current favourite is Nahema which is gorgeous, smells divine and lasts for ages when cut.

  5. So gorgeous - loving the stripy one especially. Hope you're almost recovered :)

  6. Loving those roses. Mine are looking good but the leaves are throwing a shade of yellow this year. I think some rose food is in order.

  7. Your rose colours are spectacular. Recent heat has brought an end to my full display of tea roses in the garden. I found myself out there today being ruthless with the shears, removing the crispy brown remnants of the roses and dead-heading everything.
    How lovely that your roses have lasted so long.



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