Sunday, April 12, 2015


 We went to Hobbiton on the weekend. What a treat, something we have been meaning to do for the last few years and have only just managed to get around to.
 The colours - let me tell you, Hobbits have immaculate taste.
 The attention to detail was phenomenal. Look at this bird feeder!
 And honey outside a Hobbitsy beekeeper's house....
 Bilbo Baggin's house.
 Luckily I was on party business.
 Hobbit bunting.
 And my own little Hobbit (who is almost bigger than me).

 Laundry day.
 A Hobbit with a sore knee - he had his own personal guided tour on a golf cart.
 The Green Dragon.
What a magical day!
Lots of love,
Kate. xx


  1. Isn't it just the most magical place? I too was blown away by the detail and the concrete lichen! I was ready to pack my bags and move in! Stunning!

  2. Lucky you, it looks magical.

  3. I want to live there - I think my natural habitat would be the Shire (without any Orcs of course)! So glad you shared it with us x Jane

  4. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing. One of the places I'd like to visit.

  5. Wow!! Didn't realise it was a real place thought it was cgi or studio magic this is going on my bucket list!!!

  6. I am speechless Kate! Wow, what an adventure it must have been! Wow...

  7. We were there last spring.
    Wonderfull town. Wonderfull country.
    Too us, it;s at the other end of the world.
    We live in Belgium. grtz Ine

  8. Oh dear I hope the poorly knee is better soon.

    Looks like a lovely day out.. Was there hobbit cake?

    Rachell - the little room of

  9. Thank you for a wonderful peek inside of your magical family getaway time.

  10. It looks so so stunning! Magical place :)

  11. Wow!! I would LOVE to go there and especially see the Hobbit crochet.



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