Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tiny Mice!

Here is an unused photo from 'Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon'. I was so chuffed to read this review left in my etsy shop about the book.
Superman speed of postage. Wonderful! This flight into fancy is an incredibly addictive book, that brings joy to our smallest household members. Stanley flew into our house(by balloon)and promptly requested he be accompanied by his three little friends(mice) unfortunate for us we are now experiencing a mouse plague. Do not hesitate to get this book as I was told by my 4yr old "I need my Stanley book", she also needs rows of hospital beds full of baby rabbits, but that's another story :)
Thank you so much Kim, you made my day!
Lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx


  1. When there is crochet talent around like yours I just find it very strange that so much admiration is given over, and pretty much reserved only for one person. Someone who to me at least really doesn't do nearly so much,comparatively speaking but has become somewhat of a crochet monolith. (What a strange thing that is, in any case).

    It is unfortunate that a certain phenomenon where people follow another moderately able crocheter like sheep, means that really talented people such as yourself, do not get the attention and merit that they deserve and are excluded and pushed to the outer zones of admiration. Nor do this small group of actually mega talented people make half of the fuss and bother about their superior creative processes, but regularly come up with great work. Without the fanfare.

    There are a couple of other bloggers who no matter what they do, and how often they prove their extensive crochet skills, and like you are also regularly and skilfully turning out original, creative and difficult pattern constructions, have to take a back seat in comparison.

    Mediocre talent apparently brings many hours of basking in the sun in glory, real talent is only allowed the shade. People really need to give credit where it is properly due.

    It's time that the real talent in crochet was properly recognised. I do find it more than a little frustrating how it is largely ignored. It actually reduces what is available to the crochet world. I am tired of the same all the time. People like yourself must feel it is deeply unfair. I certainly do anyway. Your book is suburb and all the little characters and their backgrounds amazing. Looking forward to the vans too.

  2. I love your posts, and feel like I get lost for a moment in the beautiful little worlds you create. Bravo! Keep on crocheting!

    I bought your lovely Stanley book for my niece Minnie for Christmas last year, and she loved it. Thank you for sharing your fab talent and own special brand of craziness with us all.


  3. Thank you Kate. Stanley is so cute. Your book is on my wish list. My little saw your Blog the other day and wants a Stanley of her own... along with mice, and mushrooms! Please keep sharing your creativity with us.

  4. Awesome! I also have your book on my wishlist and hope to get it soon. This photo just sealed the deal :) Lovely photos, colors and inspiration as always. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Hello There,
    What an adorable bunch of vegtables!!

    Hope you wil look at my blog too, just started!
    Greetings Anita



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