Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Felt Brooches

Some current paintings - I had a dinner party the other night and said "Ah ha ha ha, it's also an art exhibition" and then everyone had to look politely at my pictures.... "Very nice" they muttered, edging away from my anxious and slightly hungry expression.

Some writing paper I have been sewing on my machine. Pity about the lighting.

Brooches, brooches and more brooches. Maybe I should wear them all into town, they would keep me warm and when people look at me I can say "I made them myself with real human blood" :)

So this is my first post, I am just going to get it up quickly and then I won't feel so nervous about it, a bit like something else nudge, nudge, wink, wink - by the way, probably not what you are thinking Mum if you are reading this, I mean like the first time I got up on a bike, the next time was much easier. I don't think that sentence made much sense. Oh well.


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