Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Big Giveaway Competition

As I have mysteriously been hinting, I am about to have a big giveaway to celebrate Greedy For Colour's 200th post.... (can you believe it, finally my little blog is growing up) and also to revel in opening my first online shop ever! All you have to do is leave a comment below telling about a time you have been really, really greedy, so greedy in fact that it is a little known story and possibly, your mama doesn't even know about it. I have to admit, I will be looking for the best anecdote so dig deep into your worst (and funniest) self.
Oh yes, the prize...... hmmmmm... the tension is unbearable..... I can't stand it.... here we go... a brooch (resin or crochet - it's your choice) and a crochet necklace... it's worth it... come on.... blurt it all out... you know you want to.
Oh and I will announce the winner on Tuesday, 30th June.


  1. Haha, such a great question!

    Ok, one time I was staying at a friends place and while they were at work I went out to buy treats for us for that night. I bought lollies and a packet of Toffee Pops...although started eating the Tim Tams a little early, and could.not.stop. By the time I was half way through the packet my logic was 'Well, now I have to eat the rest and then just hide the packet. I mean, if they see I've eaten half a packet of toffee pops to myself they'll just think I'm greedy' So, thats exactly what I did! That night we just had the lollies....sans chocolate ones (I'd eaten them too!). Bad, bad.

  2. It's not my story but it is the right sort. My ex loved icecream but only the strawberry flavour. That was his brother's favourite flavour. Anyway, he loved it so much, he absolutely had to have it, that he would go to the freezer and pinch some, only not chocolate but strawberry. So guess who got into trouble? Not him!

  3. I was worried that the tale I am about to tell is not a greedy tale but after checking the dictionary definition I am pleased (?) to say that it may just fit the definition...
    Greedy - having or showing an intense and selfish desire to do something...

    When I was little (around 5 yo) I had the urge to draw on the inside of the kitchen cupboards with crayon. I knew it was wrong and I knew I'd get in trouble but I really really wanted to do it. The inside of the cupboards were painted with white matt paint, a beautiful surface to draw on!

    Sooo, because I wanted to do it and didn't want to get into to trouble for it I decided to draw pictures with my left hand so that it looked like my little brother drew on them. He was two years younger than me and still drew very simple styled drawings. When mum discovered the pictures she was furious. She got very angry at my brother who denied having done it (he hadn't!) while I sat and watched and didn't say a thing, afterall the evidence all pointed to him.

    About 10 years ago I finally confessed to my mum that it was infact me who had drawn on the cupboards. She was horrified!! It was really bad. What an atrocious child I was!

  4. I'm still thinking of something that won't incriminate me too much. As your sister, I don't want to cause any rifts! Although... there was the Christmas I bought you musk lollies from the Amcal chemist and put them in the drawer, then slowly (okay, not slowly!) at them before I could give them to you... but I'm sure that wasn't my absolute greediest time. Maybe you could job my memory?

  5. Well, here goes. Have to point out here that I have red hair. I bought some Ginger Kisses to share with the family. I thought I would sample one, but like Becka before me, one was not enough.I ate the whole packet! By the last one I was feeling sick of the sweet, sticky little kisses.I can honestly say that nearly 20 years later I have never been able to look a ginger kiss in the eye again.My husband thinks this is a great joke and will often try to tempt me to relive my gluttonous past.

  6. Lots of peeps seem to be greedy foor food/sweets. I'm greedy for colour.
    When I first started crocheting in the beginning of this year, I went to the wholesaler to buy some cotton yarn.
    When I saw all these fantastic colors there, I knew I just had to have a skein of each... so I came home with a about 30 skeins of cotton & I was happy as a child 'cause colours just make me happy.
    It's nearly all crocheted up by now (making a Babette blanket) so I need to go back REALLY soon to get more yarn! :)

  7. well i don't think it's greed I think it's need!
    I can't stop when I go online to amazon to buy books in spanish for my girls. Last time I shopped I bought over 50 books. All second hand, I hasten to add, but the postage adds up. :)
    Needless to say I have promised myself and hubby that I will remain on a book diet until the end of 2009.

  8. greedy - hmmmm - i think lately i am super greedy for time, especailly time where I am happily asleep. i routinely kick my husband out of bed to take care of the girl's breakfast ...

    but the most greedy ... i think with my sister, growing up. when ever we had ice cream, i was so greedy i made up a game in which i could stick my spoon into her ice cream bowl and snatch bites of hers.... she finally caught on eventually ;(

  9. Hmmm such a hard question. At the moment I am greedy for sleep and sometimes pretend that I am sleeping so deep that I haven't heard the children waking so hubbie gets up. Also I secretly love it when no. 1 calls "Daddy" in the middle of the night so I can tell hubbie that he doesn't want me he wants you. Evil huh.

  10. Shhhhh. Yesterday I went to the local shops to find my new copy of Frankie magazine.

    Then I went next door to the cake shop and bought something nice to have with a cup of tea while I read my new mag.

    I couldn't decide between the (huge) vanilla slice or the (HUGE) meringue.

    So I bought both. And ate them both. And hid the paper bags at the bottom of the bin.


  11. At the beginning and end of berry season the little red morsels are the sweetest and rarest. Mostly I go with my girls and we squeal as we find each treasure, that of course they get to eat. But I have to admit than on more than one occasion I have found myself in the berry patch alone (just going for a quick peak!), shoving every single one I can find into my mouth and going home to report that there were none.

  12. Congrats on the shop - the items are just beautiful. My greedy moment? It's definitely to do with food. We were living in a town in the middle of England which had a good Thai restaurant. And I do mean good - it was always packed and everyone raved about it. At that tim we were living of the smell of an oliy rag - had two lodgers, counted every penny and could only afford to go out for a coffee once a week (but those coffee were GREATLY enjoyed!!). So we had longed to go to the restaurant and finally after completing on a house sale we had a little bit of extra so we booked ourselves in. I have never eaten such glorious food or SO much. We shared a platter and some beers and before. There were 5 'courses' in all and by course 3 I had already undone my zip! Did that stop me having course 4 and course 5? Of course it didn't! Course 5 was desert and we didn't have to share this so I had the most delectable chocolate/coconut/cream concoction all to myself! And you know what it was the best desert I have ever tasted so of course I had to finish it - even though I was actaully feeling physically sick by this stage! So I managed to eat in and we managed to get out of the restaurant without me popping but I couldn't walk home!!! I had eaten so much that I physically couldn't walk home. So after a nice sit down on a town bench for 1/2 hour I finally managed to waddle home and flop onto the bed - thinking that I would NEVER eat again. So that's my story - certainly not pretty but it was all worth it! x

  13. OK. I've been mulling over which 'greedy' story to tell. To my shame, I do have a number of 'ate the whole packet' or 'made myself sick on it' greed stories. But there's one (slightly odd) childhood story which is speaking to me...

    My parents were hosting a fancy dinner party and had done some early preparation, including the making of some special mushroom consomme. For some reason they decided to pour this liquid into freezer bags, and they left them sitting on the kitchen bench.

    The bags looked squishy and inviting, and as a tactile person, I just had to reach up and have a squeeze. My parents saw me and warned me not to touch, stressing that the consomme was a very important element of the upcoming dinner party.

    Of course, I snuck back later for some more illicit squeezing when they weren't looking. The bags of stock felt amazing to knead and squish. I just had to keep going. I definitely felt greedy for the feel of these bags of mushroom consomme! I stood there and squished and squished to my heart's content for about ten minutes...

    ...and then, inevitably, one burst all over me. I dashed into my parents' room and hid, trembling under the bed, for about half an hour until they came looking.
    Needless to say, the dinner party menu needed slight tweaking...

    I never have discovered what vitally important role the mushroom consomme should have played in the dinner party menu.

  14. I was greedy for wool.

    On Madison Avenue there is an old house that is filled with wool and thread and all supplies imaginable. Women sitting at big tables knitting and chatting. I bought some wool for embroidery, persian fine virgin wool in the most lovely colors. It came from a huge cardboard box and she was charging $1 for each little skeen. I fell in love with the wool, pinks, oranges, browns in perfectly sized little bundles. It was so soft and easy to work with. I had to have it all. I couldn't remember how much wool was in the box but i called up the store and asked if i could buy the whole thing. i justified to myself that having all of the wool would change my life and the children don't need to go to college anyway...

    She said, 'Great, come and get the box. It sounds like you have a project and I can't sell it. I'll give you the whole lot for $25.' I couldn't get up there fast enough. I was worried maybe I hadn't heard her properly on the phone and she had said $225, not $25. I shoved the money at her, grabbed the box and ran yelling thanks, thanks, thanks...

    There must be 600 little rolls of wool in that box. I will be using it until I am 95. I don't even know how to knit...!

  15. i'm greedy every day, i hog the computer checking for the next blog on greedy for colour! It's the highlight of my day reading your blogs Kate, one never know's what your going to write about next... and the way you word it..well it's all just so exciting =) love your work, keep it coming



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