Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Sunday and Back on the Lay...

Another Sunday over and its passing has been marked with soft boiled eggs and soldiers. The exciting part of the childrens' dinner is that the eggs are ours. That's right, our plump little araucanas are back on the lay, popping out their blue-green eggs again. Wahoooooo!!! I think my eyes bulged most unattractively when I went into the hen house. I am so used to just feeding them and walking away empty handed while they giggle and cluck behind my back.
Life is becoming a little easier again in the organisation stakes. Funnily enough, I think it is my involvement with the farm that is doing it. With much less time on my hands I am floating less through the day and achieving more in the snippets that I have. What a revelation. I even potted up a few plants today which felt like I had single-handedly sorted the planets into alignment. Keep in mind though that my being relatively busy day still allows for a good afternoon nap so I don't think it is quite the grown-up version of busy yet.
Now, I was going to do a post on Chewy, our ultra friendly pet dog/sheep (actually a Suffolk sheep) but I couldn't arrange any photos of him. He is so affectionate and tame that every time I go near him with a camera (dear me, I almost wrote camel), he snuggles into me and refuses to go back far enough so my lens will focus on him. Maybe if Jonno has a spare minute or two I will suggest a photo session down in the orchard. I hope he doesn't get the wrong idea...
By the way, I just want to thank Raglan Guld because in the quietened blogosphere of the weekend, she always has something interesting to say and something beautiful to show.


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