Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crochet and Books.

It's progressing, this new summer cushion. It just feels so good too being made from the 4 ply cotton. When I rest my hand on it with fingers spread out, it almost pulses an energy. So of course at night in between squares, I spend a lot of time doing this.
I have had a few good books out form the library and was a very lucky person being given a few crocheting books as well. Here are three of the ones I have been studying intently with every cup of tea that passes my way.
The first one is a library find, 'Tasty Crochet' and is utterly wonderful. With all sorts of chapters ranging from breakfast to dessert, you come away not only inspired but hungry as well. The instructions are very straight forward and even the more difficult projects are very logical - I like playing with the odd bit of logic occasionally.
The photos above and below are from 'Lacy Crochet' which is a beautiful book with lots of lovely projects however, the instructions are not quite so easy with lots of those diagram thingies instead. I have to delve a lot deeper before I give my final verdict - however, in terms of aesthetics, it is a feast.
I am thinking beach today, the sun is shining, the wind is down and the house needs to have some time to recover from all of the squeals (happy and sad) that have been reverberating through its poor self.
Archie and Hugo are born adventurers and so as a family, we are much happier when they have cliffs to climb and crabs to categorise. Fortunately for two book wormy parents, this goes hand in hand with sitting at the beach with a good novel (and wonderful, attentive supervision). The boys are still going through their stage of wearing their life jackets so it is always easy to spot their fluro yellow beach bodies running around on the sand and mudflats.
Two boys in stereo are begging to go. xxooxxooxx.


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