Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Splash of Colour for the Morning.

I needed to escape the house for a little while and enjoy a bit of colour and some fresh cooler air. It has been such a long hot summer that I began to think Autumn might never arrive. But here it is, arriving silently during the night and welcoming us to the new day with its crispness.
I had to include our dog Bertie and our chook (Chook?, they are all white). Who can resist a toothy grin or a feathered empress.
Archie's hat is now almost finished, he is insisting I add goblin ears (crocheted then attached with safety pins). I am loving the stripes being added in purl - this has given me so much inspiration for planning Hugo's vest which will be on the needles soon.
The bunting is still up in the garden. I was going to take it down today but it is only 1.5 weeks until Archie's medieval feast so it seems a little pointless... and it is so nice walking through the garden with it. The world just needs more bunting to spread that whole peaceful handmade feeling.
Well, back to making Archie's costume, there is nothing like cutting out gingham fleur-de-lis or attaching gold cord... Sorry if I am sounding a little jaded at the moment - the youngest member of our family has begun to wake up a few times during the night, thank goodness he is so cute in the morning is all I can say.


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