Monday, April 26, 2010

A Welcome Home Picnic.

Our landing back into every day home-life was softened yesterday by a little welcome home picnic with a delicious gluten-free upside down pineapple cake made with lots of love by my cousin, down by a stream that runs through the farm. The boys were thrilled to be climbing back amongst their favourite willow trees and I was thrilled to remember that patches of home-life are like holidays. Every day life can be wonderful and full of adventures too (I hope I don't sound too Pollyannarish but I do tend to forget this little fact regularly). And even better, I feel inspired to make things again... as soon as I finish shovelling out our camper van mess.
Here is a photo of the wool I purchased from the wool shop while I was away. The colours are quite strong but I have so many paler colours I needed something with a little bit of heft. Note the huge wool in the corner, I am looking forward to buying a big crochet hook and making some big, big flowers.
And finally, some buttons I bought from a market in Lyttleton. I really want to use them but I just love them sewn onto the card so much too. I think I need to take a really good photo of them like that and hang it on the wall, then the buttons can be liberated.
Once again, thank you so much for all of your comments while I was travelling. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about putting up our road trip photos because I knew they weren't going to be very crafty but it in the end it added an extra element to our journey. XXOOXXOOXX.


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