Friday, November 5, 2010

Sleeves and Studios.

First of all - knitting news. I'm now making my way through the first sleeve. The cardigan has turned out to be a bit shorter than I was expecting but who doesn't like showing off their belly button in Winter. Hopefully it will just look deliciously cropped... and not stolen from a six year old's wardrobe.
But on to more exciting things, finished things. Today I finally finished tackling my studio after having it languish well at the bottom of my list for months. I keep stealing up the stairs and find myself gazing upon it as though it were a newborn...
Although I can see from the photos that it doesn't look hugely exciting. Studios aren't meant to be neat with everything put away. They are supposed to be messy with projects and thoughts and colours. So I apologise that you can't see all of the cool stuff that has been sorted away into their various new homes. But rest assured that all of my wools, paints, papers, fabrics, tools, etc, etc, etc are very happy and cosy, learning what life is all about in an organised house.

These are new (to me anyway) drawers that have come from Jonno's parents house and used to make up part of his grandparent's kitchen. The three upright cupboards are for storing potatoes and pull our from the handles, making them perfect for recycling paper and fabric scraps.
One part of the bench top is missing and you can see into the cutlery drawers. The little bit of wood that is peeping out looks very much like rimu to me so at a very later date it may be worth investigating stripping it. For the moment however, it can remain dressed in its current coat of paint.
And an Archie drawing to make it really, really look like a place of unleashed creativity.

Have a lovely weekend, Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


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