Thursday, March 31, 2011


They are eggs, I still have to tuck in a few tails... an important job as I just realised they look a bit like swimming things (if you get my drift).

A friend asked me to crochet her some Easter eggs in pale pastels. At the time I was very retrained in my excitement and the as soon as I was in private, I went crazy over the thought of woollen eggs in egg cartons. Over the past day I have brought them everywhere with me, asking friends and family if they would like an egg and then whipping the lid back from the carton. I don't know if I will ever tire of it. The kids at the bus stop were very relieved when they saw the crocheted version as I think they were a bit worried I was going to make them eat raw eggs. The pattern for them is ridiculously easy so I will post it soon.

Have a lovely day/night - I am going to snuggle up on the big blue couch and make more... eggs.

Lots of love,

Kate xxooxx.


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