Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today at Home.

Today was a day of many projects. Sewing cushion inserts.
Occasionally admiring the light whenever it chose to peep through clouds.
Beginning to sort through Hugo's room.
Not this bit though, I like how these are the things he keeps next to his bed.
Loving these roses.
Planning a teeny-tiny cross stitch.
Making a cake
( I will post the recipe tomorrow - it is the best gluten-free chocolate cake ever).
And spending some time with Bert.
Today was a very good day.
Days like this should happen more.
And the best thing is, I decided to have a good day and voila, it happened.
Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Good for i'm glad you had a good day. They are made to be enjoyed.

  2. A fantastic day! Your cushion made my heart beat considerably faster! Please, please don't tempt me into a new project!!!! I'm just off to ABH now..hope you're having a lovely evening pet. Love Amanda xxx

  3. So glad to hear you had a fab day filled with all kinds of lovely things to do and make. I'm loving your roses too. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  4. oooooo chocolate gluten free cake, have wanted a recipe for one of those for a long time, will be watching out for that. And how cute is Bert :)

  5. looks like a gorgeous day! mmmm cake. lovely xxxx

  6. Happy days to you. Your roses are gorgeous and looking forward to your cushion reveal. melx

  7. Awwww, Bert! What a precious face! And I can't wait for that cake recipe. Wish I could still see well enough to do a teeny-tiny cross stitch. Happy Wednesday, Kate!

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