Thursday, October 13, 2011

Books and Knitting.

Thank you so much for all of your lovely and heart felt wishes (not heart welt fishes as I went to write) for our little corner of the world. It does mean so much. Now, as promised yesterday, I have lots of beautiful things for you today. First of all, some snippets from my garden. Above is my Dogwood (what a name) that flowers and flowers and flowers by our front door. It's autumnal foliage is spectacular as well.
And as for my giant 'Awanui' blossom tree, it has had it's best year ever and is only now beginning to lose its petals. This is the first time that rather than mourn the passing of the blossom, I have instead reveled in it. My garden is coated in a thick carpet of pink petals and even my car looks as though it has been part of bridal procession and is covered with confetti. When the wind blows, our tree makes it look as though it is snowing.
These photos were taken at the very beginning of the petals' fall so imagine it even more pink now than this.

I've been making new pillow cases which we have been in dire need of. I bought some 100% cotton japara from Spotlight and they have made the most deliciously crisp pillowcases. Of course... a bit of crochet around the edge made it more fun.
And I have been knitting a new jumper from the book featured below. It is such a wonderful pattern that I almost feel I am reading a great book as I can't what happens next with each new row. This book is the best knitting book I have read in ages, it is very, very rare to find myself desperate to knit most patterns in it.
It's quite hard to make out the authors, they are Cecily Glowick MacDonald and Melissa LaBarre.

The buttons in the cardi above are covered in fabric - couldn't you imagine using a Liberty cotton...

My mother-in-law gave me a gift voucher to my favourite wool shop and these are some of my purchases. I do love circus colours at the moment.
And this is what Jonno gave to me - or should I say made for my birthday on Monday. It is the most brilliant present I could ever ask for, a pergola (or as I call it, my outside garden room). When the weather clears up - it has been raining constantly since Monday - I will take some more photos but this will do for the moment. There are blueberry bushes planted along both sides with wisteria vines to eventually grow over it. I will also plant one of my favourite roses, Pierre de Ronsard at the front... wahooooooooo!!!!!!!!
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


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