Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Archie's Poem.

Here a couple of photos of the wreath I made for Archie's teacher - we will give it to her today....
I don't usually put up writing the boys have done on the blog but I had to pop this in today. I think this is a pretty wonderful poem AND it is about colour and I think he may be a little greedy for it too.


White is... an albino genius all tall and proud.
White is... snowball earth, the biggest ice age of all.
White is... the fog like a blanket on the earth.
White is... Mount Everest, the biggest mountain of all.
White tastes like... fizzy sherbet in my mouth.
White smells like... fresh cut vanilla beans for custard.
White sounds like... the blizzard chilling me to the bone.
White feels like... fresh snow all crisp on the ground.
White looks like... lime icing on a cake.
White makes me... freeze in my tracks.
White is... the blanket that tucks me into bed.

By Archie, age 8.


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