Monday, March 24, 2014

Hydrangea Heaven.

 Today I went to a heaven made up of hydrangeas. My friend Shar is a florist and has been percolating some ideas with her hydrangea growing friend Jane which involved me with my camera. I said yes just so I could play with all of the flowers. It was sublime.
 Here are a few peeks from today.

Can you imagine. And can you picture me running around in a frenzy not knowing what to photograph first.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Another of your Granny's favourites, and mine. I would love to have a garden with some in it, tucked away in the shade where they get enough water. Your granny had tubs of them on her verandah where she could give them plenty of TLC and at Christmas time there would always be bowls of hydrangeas around. She would have been in heaven with you and Shah today, well I'm sure she is in heaven looking down or was accompanying you as you took delicious photos! Love Mum

  2. I love,love,love them too. Thank you it has started my day in a wonderful way x

  3. These are GORGEOUS! I love hydrangeas. When they're in bloom around here sometimes I sneak around the apartment complex after sunset to cut some from the landscaping to put in a couple vases. Shhh, don't tell. Lol.

  4. WOW! I love, love, love their colour and what fun for you Kate.

  5. Oh I love hydrangeas too but they are hard to grow here with the heat, they get very thirsty. Once my husband came home with a huge pot of blooming hydrangeas for no reason, I think that earnt him points for a good year or two! mel x

  6. Such beautiful colours, I can see why you enjoyed it! xx

  7. HA! I nearly squealed when I saw all these beautiful flowers! Last summer, hydrangeas popped up all over my city and before, I had never really noticed the flower. They quickly became a favorite. I can't wait to see them again this year!!!

  8. Oh, wow! Gorgeous! I wish we had blossoms like that here, but alas. I'm still looking outside at a foot of snow, ugh. New England living. :P Beautiful photographs!


  9. Never knew they came in so many beautiful colours.
    S xx

  10. So beautiful! All these colors! Wonderful!

  11. Gorgeous Flowers! :-) Looks like you had a brilliant time there!

    Spring is slowly arriving in Germany. I really enjoy the new flowers and growing leaves! The world gets colour again!

    Take care,



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