Friday, April 11, 2014

When Stanley was a Baby....

 Here is a photo of Stanley when he came home from hospital. 
This is Stanley in the second cot from the right in the middle row. I may be biased but I do think he is the cutest little kit there.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Wow, very impressive. What a lot of work has gone into your book.
    S xx

  2. Kate, this is gorgeous! I'm in love with Stanley! I can't wait to buy your book :)

  3. Oh my god, this is so adoreable!

    You mentioned the novel will be available via Etsy ...willyou ship to Germany too? I have the strong feeling i need that book. :p And as a children's literature scolar i even have a reason for it (not that i actually need one...)

    take care, Anne

  4. OMG , i LOVE this ..
    can see it now at your next high powered social event.
    so what do you do with your time you stay at home mum ?
    ...oh, i make tiny tiny cots for tiny tiny knitted rabbit babies.
    and it makes so very many people so very happy to see them all rowed up you know ...

    everything about this adventure and your idea is wonderful.
    wonderful !
    big congrats!
    now i have mentioned before that i am not a reader , but this book is now on my wishlist.

  5. You are bonkers and I love you! xxx

  6. Oh lord, they are so cute! It's Always loads of fun to dip into your world Kate.

  7. Mad as a March hare, but fantastic!!! xx

  8. Hahahaha!!! This has made my morning so far! Such an adorable project! You are so creative :-)

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing, you really have done a wonderful job if the pictures in this and your previous post are anything to go by!! xx

  10. Oh that has to be the cutest thing ever! :)

  11. I do love the comment Roz has left...well, what do you do? Play? I love it all, and you, Mum

  12. I love your Stanley. I hope your book will be available in the US.

  13. Just fantastic - no more comment needed !

  14. I love, love, love these photos :) I can't wait to get hold of your book, and I would also love to have this photo of Stanley and his mum as a poster. Will that be available on Etsy as well? :)
    Creative crochet hugs from Norway
    - Kristin -



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