Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Favourite Hot Chocolate (in York)

 I have now taken all of the photos and almost finished writing up the tutorial for the roses but it's suddenly reached the stage on a Sunday afternoon where I just want to snuggle with the boys on the couch and make the most of a rainy night. I hope you understand and I promise that tomorrow it will be action stations again!
So, for the meantime I thought I would show a photo of one of my favourite places on our trip - a caravan named 'Flo' (run by the cupcake bakery Crumbs) by Yorkminster. By the way Yorkminster + vintage caravan = heaven.
 Flo serves the best hot chocolate ever and provides the most glorious seating as well.
 Can you imagine having a business like this. I know it would be full of hard work but from the outside - what a dream.
 The cupcakery itself was a delight. Hugo and I had the honoured job of buying a stash of cupcakes for the family.
We were both bedside ourselves with the pink couch. Hugo is still at that stage where anything he knows I like makes him squirmy and jumpy for joy.... "Look at this Mum, look at this Mum, look at this Mum".
Gaaaaahhhhh - they even had a great gluten free section which made me deliriously happy.
Lots and lots of love,
p.s. this post is completely unsolicited but I kind of wish that it was solicited (not a great word I know) and that I had been paid with an endless supply of cupcakes.


  1. Oooh, what a find! It all looks delicious x

  2. How did you choose?! I love the deck chairs, I could do with some of those, more glam than those we have cherished for years, all lovingly kept going by E! I like the idea of being solicited for or by cupcakes! Love Mum

  3. How fabulous. Its years since I've been in York and its making me long to go back.

    Love the soliciting for many bad puns come to mind!

  4. They look like deliriously delicious cupcakes!! xx



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