Monday, September 8, 2014

A Crochet Cricket Set.

 Another fun thing that I missed out on blogging during our trip was this crochet cricket set that I developed for the father's day edition of Simply Crochet mag, Issue 18. This is one of my most favourite projects ever and the first one that Jonno has played with. I wanted to think of something that he would really love and being cricket mad, I thought an indoor set would be perfect.
The thing that I loved most about the project was how the colour palette worked out giving the set a vintage look - I also wanted the cricket bat to have a cricket vest rib to it AND the wicket to stand up on its own.... 
The boys were great at strength testing the bat and wicket.

And in this month's issue there is a lovely review about 'Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon'. So exciting!
And tomorrow I have a truly wonderful book to review that you are going to love so please pop by.
Love Kate. xxooxx.


  1. Hi Kate!
    Haha, this is so cool! What a great idea! :)
    Looking forward to reading all about it when I get my hands on the magazine (travelling to England this weekend to visit my son for his birthday!)
    You are so talented!!!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Ingrid xx

  2. It's realy cute!
    I just discover your blog and I'm so happy.
    Have a nice week!
    Lucie du Québec (Canada)

  3. :-) What a lovely idea! Cricket isn't a thing in Germany and I still understand all the rules. Glad your kids like it so much!

    Looking forward to recive my next issue of Simple Crochet. It always takes some time before it arrives in Germany...

    Take care

  4. Oh that is fantastic! If my family had a woolly cricket set maybe fewer things indoors would get broken!

  5. The cutest cricket collection ever i seen...really pretty good creativity did here...

    Nice Share

  6. Hi there
    Can I purchase this pattern from you please? Backorders of the magazine are no longer available. I'm in Hobart, Tasmania, so a PDF version would work best for me! Thanks,
    Katinka x

  7. Hello there,
    I am wondering if I could buy the pattern for the cricket bat, please

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