Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hooked! - a Blog Hop Book Review.

Hurrah for today because I get to review 'Hooked! 40 whimsical crochet motifs from weird to wonderful' by Michelle Cecile and Sylvie Delprat. I am over the moon at being given this opportunity because I have been wanting to appliqué with crochet forever. 
 As you may know, I have a rating system where I count how many patterns I would make from the book. The number required for me to buy the book is variable. If the patterns are amazing then 3 projects would make it worthwhile. I also look at whether it would compliment my collection - this one would as I don't have anything on crochet motifs -the books available on this subject haven't been to my taste...... this one however breaks the drought. The styling alone with baby's breath, washi tape  and roses dotted with crochet, makes it a visual feast. And the projects are truly adorable as you can see from the photos.
I'm mad on the little hedghog. I can't wait to make bunting for Hugo with little hedgehogs along it. 
 And the rabbit patch is perfect for Easter.
 Wahoo - a project that Archie will want to make!

 I couldn't resist crocheting a cupcake. The pattern was simply written and very easy to do - always a good thing.
So here is what I made - perfect for the kitchen!
And now for the score, 30/44 which is fantastic. I am sure that when Archie comes home from school camp the score will go up when he chooses his favourites! 
And here are two more wonderful things.
 1. 'Hooked!' is on a book hop which means you can see other reviews and projects made from the book here.
2. There is a competition going on over at Stitch Craft Create where you can win a copy of the book and a lovely bundle of yarn!
Lots and lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx.


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