Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sea Craft.

We have been away for a few days, taking it quietly and trying to recover from the whirlwind of the past few months... and try to get on top of our coughs and colds at the same time.
Hugo and I had a lovely morning together working on a mobil for each of our rooms. I love this age, he is 9 and still full of wonder and imagination but also very capable.
Look at those little hands!
Crafting by the beach at one of the most peaceful locations has done so much for my soul. I am in a kind of post-viral fatigue at the moment so changing my pace and dropping the idea of what I need to achieve in the day has been invaluable.
I think everybody should start choosing of their drink by the colour of the bottle. We need more blue and green sea glass. Enough with brown I say. By the way, I'm trying to introduce a new concept to the boys that I own all of the blue, green and white sea glass on the beach and that when they find it, they need to hand it over to me immediately. They can keep all the brown sea glass that they find. Unfortunately they see right past me.
Lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx


  1. A lovely glimpse of your holiday! I hope you're all feeling better for the break! Xxx

  2. schh a beautiful creation . I can see how this would revive the soul.

  3. Pretty!
    This is art!
    You should have an exposition in a gallery!

    Like this.
    You inspire me
    (perhaps something for our garden?)

  4. That's just wonderful! I love it! I understand why the boys don't agree with your plan though. :)

  5. What a lovely idea. Going to have my daughter to collect some stuff from the beach so we can do that when she comes home. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I collect sea glass and, yes,
    I agree - get rid of all the
    brown and bring on the green
    and blue. By the way, I found
    lots of blue glass (sake
    bottles) and green (Carlsberg
    bottles) in Denmark!



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