Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Around the House

Last night we had a shuffle around of furniture. This means that some parts of the living room are pristine with freshly hung paintings and other parts are teeming with piles of unbelongings. Unbelongings are very important things waiting to have a home allocated - clutter needs to be kicked out of cupboards to make way for them.
 I am still going through all of the patterns for the book, retesting again and again. Here is a mountain that is usually quite big but I made it from 4ply last night and now it is little.
 A corner of happiness. The photo on the right is my wedding day - I was greedy for colour even back then.... almost 14 years ago....
Lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx.


  1. Love your wall of paintings, Kate and especially love your wedding photo! Xx

  2. Lovely! I have a few piles of those un-belong-ables too, while spring cleaning. ; )

  3. Love your wedding photo! Re-arranging usually means there are lots of unbelongables to be 'belonged'. It's a good feeling when it's done.

  4. Gorgeous wedding dress! It´s always such a pleasure visiting your blog! :)
    P.S.: I love the new circus fellows!
    Best regards from Brazil

  5. What a pretty home.
    And I absolutely adore your red weddingdress.
    It is SO dachshundie.

  6. "unbelongings" ought to be in the dictionary and I love Gillian's use of her new adjective 'belonged'. Cute but so true.



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