Sunday, November 8, 2015

Christmas Lighthouses.....

Sometimes I find myself pondering things in the middle of the night when I find a pocket of wakefullness. The other night saw me thinking about a Christmas tree in a lighthouse - and so I started making these lighthouse baubles - or babules as I keep going to write. And another exciting thing..... I dipped my crochet Christmas babule (see) from this pattern in glitter and glue. It worked!
As for the toadstools, I have another whole post waiting to be written but I need a little bit more than five minutes to do it in. For the meantime, read about them here.


  1. Those are fabulous! I have a string of crochet toadstools I crocheted hanging from my kitchen pot rack over the island, just love seeing them there. The light houses are my favorite.

  2. Love the lighthouse! Will you be making a pattern? Thanks, Pati x

  3. I love the lighthouses! I think I need to make my cousin some for her Christmas tree. What an excellent idea.

    Cindy Bee

  4. love the lighthouse baubles! so pretty x

  5. Your blog is very impressive and have the useful information it is really caught my attention.

  6. Your idea of creating the Christmas tree in a light house sounds very unique. You have shared the picture also, which is the best thing. I am just loving your concept.



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