Saturday, December 8, 2012

Enough on the Christmas Balls Already.

 I found these amazing mini glass baubles at Cotton On yesterday.  They were reduced to $6 and I found myself suddenly hyperventilating. The thing now will be using them as they are so beautiful in their box.

I know it's wrong to eat glass, but still....
And I also bought myself some new nail polish. And now I am walking around with one polished thumb nail. I should really finish the job but there never seems enough time to let them dry. How do you crochet with wet nails?
Have a lovely weekend.
Love Kate xxooxx. 


  1. just trying to work out how to squeeze a visit to cotton on into my day. Also, I was going to paint my nails this morning but couldn't for the same reason. Also, I had 2 bootles of sparkly nail polish in my hand yesterday but didn't get either because I couldn't choose between silver and gold.

  2. lovely mini baubles!
    happy weekend, xxx Ale

  3. Those baubles are so cute! My childhood BFF's mother would decorate by putting bunches of mini glass Christmas balls on cotton wool in glass bowls. One year my BFF swore that they were candy, and of course I argued because I knew they weren't, so she popped one in her mouth to prove that she wasn't lying. She only crunched once, thankfully. LOL

  4. The balls are reallt pretty. You could frame them in one of those deep box frames and leave them in their little box. I like the nail polish. I have been hankering after glittery stuff for a while but haven't found any glittery enough. Maybe I should use glitter glue!

  5. Baubles are so awesome! so is the polish but yes - impossible to get things done with wet nails :)

  6. I keep thinking I'll paint my nails but like you say the crochet stops me!!!! Gorgeous baubles.



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