Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 Finally we have warmth again. Our hydrangeas our flowering (just like Lucy's) and roses rosing. Heaven. Is there anything better than being able to give someone a bunch of flowers from your own garden wrapped in foil and sparkly ribbon?
 I had to tamper a little bit with the soil to get pink hydrangeas. In New Zealand with our wonderful volcanic ash and subsequent acidic soils, they are all blue. I LOVE blue hydrangeas but it is always nice to have a change from the norm.
 I have been playing around with my new Samsung Galaxy tablet (the one with the stylus) and made this Christmas label. It's funny how the moment you start a new thing you just want to perfect it. I can't wait to make some more labels now....
 Jonno and Hugo have been celebrating the glorious spell of weather by making a flying fox for a bucket so that the boys can relay important notes to each other from the verandah to the tree house.
 I read one of their messages to eachother. It had in scratchy and fading felt tip, "Put a better pen in the bucket".
Have a lovely day,
Love Kate xxooxx.


  1. Impressive labels, I was pleased enough with myself for managing to print some out with my name and address on yesterday.

    Love the flying fox, what a brilliant idea. Hope the bucket's enjoying the rides. Reminds me of the ethos behind the English National Trust's latest campaign https://www.50things.org.uk/

  2. Oh its cold here but when we get hydrangeas (my favorite always) we get them in pink and I have to work hard to get them to turn blue;) Lovely pics as always!

  3. Wow...look at your boys playing in the garden at this time of year. How lovely. We are all hybernating here in Normandy and I don't have anything with a leaf on it let alone a flower. Enjoy your lovely flowers. Best wishes Nicky x

  4. As usual, love your warm colour filled images and words. And the note in the bucket - wonderful!

  5. Very important to have the right pen in the bucket!! I wonder what other messages that bucket will hold?!!

  6. oh your garden looks so interesting for children to play in!

    thank you for the cotton on tip (there is one dangerously close to us!) and also the advice about the open studio - I'm so glad it went well for you, Kate

    Barbara x



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