Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Crochet Bobble Trim Cowl.

It's cold here at the moment, the mountain range behind our house has seen snow this winter (a very rare occurrence) and I've been desperate for a new cowl to keep me warm in this frosty weather. I've mentioned previously that I did a bit of wool 'souvineering'  during our travels - it was quite a surprise at the end of the holidays to find our suitcase bulging with yarn. One skein that is a particular favourite (the blue one in the photo above) came from this shop (once again, a whole 'nother, 'nother post to do). It's from Ginger's own hand dyed collection, a 50% super wash merino and 50% silk mix. So pretty special. And it's taken me a few weeks to work out exactly what to do with it. I then chose a gorgeous tomato red from another collection as I adore these two colours together.
 I used a simple stitch as I felt that the wool was so luminous it didn't need to elaborately crocheted and then added this genius bobble trim from here. It's the most wonderful pattern and I am afraid that everything will now have bobbles attached. Can you imagine the boys in their fancy school jumpers?
The only problem was that the tomato red trim was scratchy. In fact, unbearably so which seemed very wrong when the cowl itself is like being wrapped up with kittens (maybe my neck is a bit sensitive). So, I unravelled the bobbles and began the trim again.
 This time with a bright spring mimosa. I love it even more and am tickled pink that our wattle tree is flowering at the moment with its yellow flowers against our blue winter sky.
Now, what to apply a trim to next....
Lots of love,
p.s. The yellow wool comes from a shop in Germany but I can't remember it's name.


  1. oh really beautiful cowls ! Love them ! Have a nice day (hope not so cold ....) !

  2. A cowl that is like kittens?!?
    And you UNdid it?
    such a shame! :)

    Strange that you are talking about snow on the mountains.
    It is the peak of summer here: TOO hot 33 degrees celcius.
    All the time.

    so no cowls for me at this moment!

    I am going to have a look at the link for the bobbles because I love them very very much!

    My crocheted quilt is done for 3/4
    so in a few months , it will need a cowl. Do you think your bobbles will match my blanket?

  3. It's lovely but all you see in a yarn is the colour not the feel and so many of these hand crafted yarns are so ridiculously expensive when you can barely notice any difference. Plus they are rarely the quality you pay for. Every expensive yarn I've used has had more knots than average and has ended up being a fuzzy mess. Soft wool often does this - it's just not very practical.

    I had some yarn given to me that cost $50 dollars for 50g. Yes it was gold (but not real), also merino and silk. Never was a yarn so much trouble. From the unravelling the tangelled skein to knitting it and then the sadness as it just fuzzed. Then there is my handpainted cotton fabric. Pink is what it is. 3 times the price and no you just see a uniform pink. So what I am saying is that these yarns are often not fit for purpose and not hardy and look barely if any different to acrylic from a distance. If you have to do the burn test to tell the fibre, that should tell you something - you can't tell! Blue yarn is blue yarn.

    Give me stylecraft at the end of the day. No knots, soft and pretty strong. Or wool as it comes off the animal without resorting to using sheep bred with cruelty like merino who have their flesh routinely cut so people can have their 'soft' (but relatively useless yarn). Unicorn yarn is for unicorns I prefer wooly wool scratchy though it may be. That is what wool tends to be like. Non knitters buy acrylic scarves from a shop and think they are marvellous. Snobbery is rife in knitting and it is a shame.

  4. Both versions of the cowl are beautiful, but I understand changing out the red yarn for the beautiful yellow. Something around your neck has to be just right doesn't it and no doubt you will use the red for something else another time. What a great souvenir of your travels, and a great way to keep warm. We are so very hot here right now though, so not thinking of cowls at all! xx

  5. Ooops, pity the red didn't work, it was so full of life, but the yellow looks gorgeous too: I do love your cowl! I have problems with various yarns around my neck also, and it seems to get worse as I get older - what a nuisance!
    I'm trying to imagine boys with bobbles on sweaters or scarfs but it does't seem to work does it :)
    Weekend is almost here, have a good one and keep warm, xoJoy

  6. So pretty! I love both colour combinations, such a shame the red one was too scratchy! It might still be good though for making a trim around a non-wearable item ;)

  7. Great colours. I too like to see, feel and perhaps more strangely, smell, my yarn before I buy. I think the yellow edging compliments the blue very well.
    S xx

  8. I have bookmarked a page with a boble pattern, it's on my list of what to learn next. I was thinking of doing it as an edging on an apron, I need to remortgage the house to buy lengths of the real bobbles. Also like that crochet stitch on the main part.

  9. Looks beautiful! Enjoying having you back here and on the end of the phone again xox

  10. I think Anonymous must have had a bad day when she wrote her comment anonymously. We are so incredibly lucky to have choice in what we buy, and thank God we do have choice!
    Your post is lovely, the wool is beautiful. Mrs A

  11. I like both versions, but think the yellow "pops" a bit more.....and about the anonymous post...this is why we are lucky when we have choices...I have tons of acrylic, but I love my specialty hand dyed yarns more....



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