Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hugo, Tiny Mice and the Ruins.

 Isn't it terrible, I've already forgotten where this is. Somewhere in Dorset I think. I'll look it up on the English Heritage site later. So, you might think that the boys possibly became a bit sick of seeing castles. They certainly lost patience quite quickly with us pointing out every bit of historic information ("But it's educational"...), the castles though were endlessly fascinating for all sorts of reasons as I am sure you can imagine. The ruins particularly sparked their imaginations though. 
I bought some little wooden animals in Switzerland for my photography. Hugo loved them and began setting up little scenes in nooks wherever we went. The tiny mice from the Stanley book (you can find the pattern for them here) also featured heavily in his scenes - just the right scale. And then when he found the catapult, well, he was in some kind of animal-rebellion-heaven.
Don't trust those tiny rabbits for a second. I am actually thinking of screwing a little loop into the back of one and turning it into a necklace. Is that cruel?

Hugo's catapult actually fires (and sharpens pencils). I think we both had a too much fine firing the animals. 
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Ruins are such a great playing ground for the imagination! I still like to imagine what ruins looked back in the old time (good thing I a studied historian: I get to fill in some gaps). :)

    Take care

  2. Brilliant scenes and tell Hugo to count himself lucky - we were taken to places like that most weekends and holidays as kids! Our mum bought memberships to the National Trust and English Heritage and did her best to get her money's worth. My sister hated it and I did a history degree.

    Mind you when we were little they hadn't yet thought of putting boring "do not climb" signs on the ruins yet.

    Those animals are awesome. Is the next book going to be a variation on Animal Farm involving a catapult?



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