Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Joining the Dots of Light.

 Like so many others, I'm feeling devastated over the loss of Robin Williams. For someone I have never met, there are few people who have made me laugh and cry as much in this world. "Mork and Mindy" was such a formative part of my childhood - rainbow suspenders (the ones that go over men's shoulders) still give me a burst of joy.
What can be said except that depression can be such an unbearable, weedy, tendrilly burden. As I have mentioned before, it is one that I carry and most of the time it is reasonably light. One thing I started doing today before I heard the news was to take photos of the things that bring me a moment's happiness (something I can't do when things aren't great and something that is great to do when things aren't perfect - hope that makes sense). So I will do this post knowing how important it is for me to remember to join the dots between the sparks of light in my day.
So, pictured above is my book that I am loving, 'The Miniaturist' by Jessie Burton. I am also still reeling from the perfection that was Mary Lawson's 'Road Ends' - one of my absolute favourite reads for this year.
 Finding Hugo's keyboard music which was hiding under a box in my craft cupboard???? Hugo has been searching for it everywhere - I don't want to know how it ended up there.
 The shiny pink silk on my pin cushion.
 The star magnolia through my rain blurred window.
 A new flea market find,  my green glass vase which has made itself at home quite nicely. 
 Hugo's drawings which he spent forever doing and then laminated carefully with sticky tape so I can keep them forever.
 Millions of fabric macarons which are mounting up for a new project to be revealed soon.
 Hugo making an outhouse for a cunning fox to disguise himself with.
 Mid-winter surprise roses filling my new vase/jug to go by my bed.
And ordinary things made beautiful like these stems with water, glass and light.
I hope that you have had the chance or the lightness in your mind to find some sparks in your day too.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. As a fellow human that has gone through bouts of depression and nursed a child through a major bout as an adolescent I know more than I ever wanted to. But it makes me more determined than ever to live and seek help when I feel overwhelmed. Always get help, it's never ever so bad and tomorrow is always a new day. On a lighter note , just finished the Minaturist , pretty good read!

  2. Kate, when I read the news about Robin Williams, I couldn't grasp it. I stared and stared, knowing it was some sort of bad joke. When Laura came home yesterday, I asked if she had watched any news. No, she replied,why? So I said that Robin Williams had killed himself. I could hear her just stop in her room. She came into my room and said,what? I told her again and the poor girl just fell down onto my bed and started crying.
    My older girl suffers from depression and is on meds for it, but when she was much younger, she attempted suicide. And 3 months ago, her 14 yr old girl did the same thing. Depression is so scary. When my husband walked out on Laura and I 3 years ago, it felt like I couldn't breathe. I spiraled downhill fast. I still have moments that I really feel down, but I'm doing so much better. Sometimes I think there is a little depression in all of us, some more than others.

  3. Mork and Mindy was the best! Robin Williams was my favourite actor! So sad. I love those pictures which were hand laminated - so cute!

  4. Hi Kate, reading your blog today felt like I was reading my own words.When I heard the sad news about Robin Williams I made myself get out of bed, make 3 batches of bread rolls, watch my chooks drink, and spend the day present with my girl.Focus on the beauty in the everyday, it's the best medicine for our household. Did I mention I weeded a veggie garden bed and fed the ducks slugs.Ducks are so good to talk to.
    love and blessings,

  5. Focus on the positive, hold on to the good. A very funny man is dead and he could not help himself, but he leaves a great legacy that we can all enjoy and learn from in years to come. Good Morning Vietnam is still my favourite war film, Dead Poets' Society gave me Carpe Diem as a motto to live by. I am fortunate to not know how bad depression is, but if it is like a really bad mood and then some.... I can try to sympathise, even if I can't fully understand.

  6. you know, the Robin Williams news is like a lightening bolt..how can this be?
    this funny,successful,loved man?
    and perhaps from this, the profile of his suffering too will be raised to the status of his other well loved abilities...i like to think,that as it seems to give it some meaning. awareness and understanding, what a legacy.
    as for your boys and their makings, i so wish i was a child in your house hold..all imaginings made possible. that is SUCH a gift.

  7. I'm a hearing ya sista! Connecting those dots is very bloody important. xx

  8. Beautiful photos - thank you for sharing. I remember Mork & Mindy - we all pretty much grew up with Robin Williams in our lives.

  9. Keep on making the best of things that you can and being as grateful, caring and loving as you can too. xx

  10. While revered for his humour and compassion and wisdom, Robin Williams must also be revered for his strength to achieve what he did and carry on for so long while battling the demons of depression.

  11. It takes a strong person to face one's demons, even if you cannot conquer them.



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