Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sundays AND Another Giveaway - with Kat Goldin!!!!!

We are having a quiet one today. Yesterday saw the boys dressing up as characters from Lord of the Rings for their cousin's party. Lots of fun and LOTS of preparation. Always handy having real bows and arrows on hand for costumes though.
Archie and I are still in our pyjamas this morning. He has been up in his room having a serious Lego morning with another cousin and Hugo is busily writing a speech on magic (which has to be performed tomorrow.....).
I couldn't resist showing you Hugo's cork castle that he made earlier in the week - complete with a Japanese kokedama ball in the centre.
 So much care and love went into this project - it was made as a thank you present to Jonno for our trip.

 I love the happy person at the top.
And now for some more exciting news, Kat Goldin - my absolute hero and author of 'Crochet at Play' and the soon to be released 'Hook, Stitch and Give' is holding a 'Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon giveaway  over here! Go and visit her now and say hello.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate. xxooxx.
p.s. don't forget to enter into the crocheted Stanley giveaway in the post below.


  1. That cork castle is superb !
    Great work boys !

  2. How lovely to see children making, doing and playing make-believe. A FAB castle!!! Ros

  3. I so love the castle and the sentiment behind it! He does amazing stuff, I love seeing it all, love Mum

  4. Crafty Mum => Crafty Sons! :-)
    They have definitely inherited your talent.

    Coincidentally, I was admiring Kat Goldin's 'Waterlily Clutch' in a magazine this morning just before coming online to view your blog, not knowing you had collaborated.

    While I don't need to enter any giveaway, I might pop over and have a look at what Kat is up to anyway after that coincidence and all...

    Have a happy day xx



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