Friday, October 8, 2010

First of the Spring Roses... and another pincushion.

Life begins again with roses starting to burst in the garden. Everything just seems so much more, well rosey and that makes the world my most favourite kind of place to exist in (even my best friend who is very much neglected at the moment is called Rosie). This year is going to be particularly exciting as I have ordered lots of bushes so I can sell cut garden roses at the local farmers market. The new batch are still about a month away from their first flush but I visit them everyday to check. They have been chosen on size, colour and scent and so will be extremely different to the hothouse variety on offer at the moment.
Years ago when I lived in Melbourne, I worked part time in the most beautiful florist shop (Domain Flowers - opposite the Botanic Gardens) while I was at uni. They had a seasonal supplier of garden roses and I can remember the frantic rush that would take place as soon as they were placed in vases and their scent would unfurl into the cafe crowd sitting outside. The roses weren't necessarily perfect or blemish free but no one seemed to mind.
Onto some other news... I may have let slipped that it is my birthday on Sunday and as much as I would love to invite everyone over for cake and games, it's just not possible. So instead, on the 10/10/10 I will be having a birthday giveaway. It will be open for seven days and the only condition of entry is that you tell me your favourite book of the past year. The prize will be a pincushion (much like the one featured above) and a book. Drop by on Sunday and check it out.
In the meantime, I had better go and do a bit of house clearing so when I wake on Sunday morning it will be to gleaming surfaces, fresh sheets and hopefully, some windows we will be able to look through.
Love Kate xxooxxooxx.
P.S. Don't enter until Sunday - that's the day to sign yourself up with your favourite book!


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