Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spring Giddiness.

The funny brown thing on the left is actually a cake (in case you were wondering) with a cinnamon, sugar and butter drizzling. Perhaps not the most attractive cake but very delicious, especially when eaten still oven warm.

The boys with their cousins setting off for an adventure on the farm. Archie was looking after his cousin Rose (she didn't really need it, I think she just loves the extra attention from her big cousin). Note that Hugo is running at the front - he is NOT going to be left behind...
Archie's first bicycling lesson without training wheels.
And someone little does not want to be left behind.
The weather has been so good over the last few days I am afraid I have been neglecting the blog a little. But there has been sunshine and no wind IN SPRING, IN NEW ZEALAND!!! We have been running around in giddy circles enjoying the long weekend.
And now it is time to tend to the house again, love Kate xxooxxooxx.


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