Saturday, December 11, 2010

Time for Christmas?

Presents have been wrapped and parcelled.
Boys have been thoroughly Christmassed.
And reached the other side.
Photo session over? I think so... don't you love that look, "No Mum, I'm really done".
And little circles added to jug covers.

So for us, all that is left is to tidy the house for our very kind house-sitters, throw the neatly folded piles of clothes into the suitcase and drive Auckland so we can catch our plane to Australia. The boys are so excited and have had quite a hard time settling down. Jonno is outside catching up on a couple of last minute jobs and I am taking a moment out to say a little goodbye and happy Christmas (although I am sure I can keep posting from Mum's house).
Speak to you in a few days and keep sane during the build up to the big day...
Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.
p.s. I have only just realised a fault in my crochet ball tutorial that has just been correct (Round 13). I hope it hasn't caused too many problems. This pattern was used in making my crocheted ball wreath.


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