Monday, February 7, 2011

Big Brothers...

Would you like to meet Stanley's big brother?
He looks after his little brother.
Little Stanley Rabbit,
Big Stanley Rabbit.
It seems a shame they have the sort of parent that gives them both the same name, but you know how it is after the 90th baby, it becomes very difficult to think of new and fresh names.
Big Stanley has been based on one of those round bottomed, topsy-turvy toys (like Mr. Plod in Noddy). He is about to hop on a plane and fly over to Australia so is very excited. In the meantime, Big Stanley is making the most of Little Stanley. They love each other.
I hope you had a good weekend, we headed off camping and had a wonderful time with lots of swimming and VERY LITTLE sleep. Fortunately we headed back early enough in the day so we could have a ginormous family nap - afternoon sleeps make all the difference in the world don't they....


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