Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Days and New Jumpers.

I have been a little quite with the blogging because this little boy here began school yesterday. Can you believe it?????!!!!! He settled in like butter on toast (I am a bit hungry as I write this), twisting around every now and then with a 'can you believe I am here and really a school boy acting normally' kind of face. He answered questions and looked just so, so, so happy. I thought I would be in tears leaving but instead, I felt an enormous sense of peace from knowing he was at the perfect place for his busy mind.
When I look back at photos of the last five years, I do think we made the most of every minute and I think that has really helped in making the transition to school - (that and very long holidays...). So yes, I am now the mother of two school children. My goodness.

The other exciting thing has been completing the octopus jumper.

When sewn up, the pattern really did resemble a jumper. I was a little worried for a while as it seemed destined for a four-armed beast.
Archie likes it, he feels very muscly in it. Strong and cosy. The pattern comes from one of Mum's old books from Patons called '12 Classic Styles in Patons 8 ply Herdwick'. Catchy title. I jigged the pattern slightly to make it a bit more modern by skipping their instructions for a smaller 1x1 rib around the band and collar and instead using the 3x3 rib over the whole jumper.
I will admit that being summer still, the jumper came off quickly after the photo shoot (which was paid for with a marshmallow).

Two big boys (who are still so little and cute to me but I'll keep that a secret).


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