Thursday, May 5, 2011

Autumn... Hurrah!!!

Reading extremely gruesome Grimm's fairy tales in a magical garden called 'Eastwood Arboretum'.
Our (Jonno's parents' motorhome).

Hugo's second ever fish. Both times he told Jonno and I he had caught one and we didn't quite believe him. Salt in the veins that boy.
Hello everyone - sorry about the break, we took a much needed little holiday in the motor home, tootling around autumn gardens, wineries and beaches... that is, in between all of the rain and drizzle and precipitation.
The motor home is wonderful but I have to say that after a week of us all being 30cm away from each other at all times, it is amazing to be home. Our house suddenly seems transformed into a palace. I must also say how lovely it is to make a cup of tea in the kitchen and not accidentally step upon a child's head.
At the moment, the boys are wandering though the farm to pick feijoas and walnuts so for the first time in three weeks, I am actually alone. The house is so quiet. Silence. I think I had better go and make a cup of tea.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


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