Saturday, May 7, 2011

What we have been making...

I finished my scarf yesterday while the rain pelted down and the children played play dough with their cousins for 2 hours (!!!!!).
They set up a shop where they sold the cupcakes (with warnings attached not to eat - v.v.v. salty) in exchange for the stalactites below. Apparently stalactites are the new currency... who would have thunk it as we say in New Zealand.
Very desirable those stalactites, five will buy you one cupcake.
This morning Jonno set busily to work making the dogs wool stuffed beds.
He had a very keen apprentice on hand to stop the mattress from slipping.
And Willow looks pretty comfortable on it. If you are wondering what kind of dog our big, beautiful girl is, she's a Labrador crossed with an Airedale - we call her a Lairedale which is a very grand title for a puppy that came from the S.P.C.A.
Hugo has been catching up on a bit of painting - the urge washed over him this morning and he just had to get going.
And I have been crocheting - Last night while watching the second season of 'Heroes' (I am so belatedly addicted) I made these little balls using 4 ply cottons. I know I've said it before but I love the colours of bulk 4ply cotton so much.

Last but not least, our mushroom bucket that we bought from the Hawkes Bay Farmers' Market. We have harvested our first crop and are now waiting for the next lot to sprout. I cannot emphasise how exciting it is to watch them grow... even I am not really convinced by that sentence but it is true. They seem to double in size every couple of hours.
It is so nice to be home and making things again. I began to lose a little bit of enthusiasm for everything towards the end of last month (that nasty virus really didn't help matters) so it is wonderful to feel inspiration in my fingertips again. And also wanting to do things again like cook, garden and fold washing, even to feel a slight pleasure as they are done. I forget that a large portion of my life is going to be taken up by folding clothes so I have to remind my self to enjoy the smell of clean washing and to find some sort of aesthetic appreciation from the leaning towers that result at the end. Little things add up to a lots by the end of the day.
Oooohhh yes, it's mother's day tomorrow so I had better do another post then.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


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