Tuesday, February 7, 2012

At the Table.

It is wonderful to be home but goodness, with school starting back, what a whirlwind life has become again... and what a contrast to life down at the beach. Nonetheless, knitting is beckoning to me once more - I've started a new jumper for Archie - We're hurtling towards Autumn at a rapid rate so it really is time to think about getting ready for a change of weather.
Our plums are have ripened so I've been cooking and jamming them as quickly as I can - the cake above is plum with vanilla icing.
We're also making the most of strawberries - they are particularly sweet at the moment.
And of course also making the most of friends and cups of tea... My neighbour came over today and wound up this ball of wool while I was skimming the plum jam. She was a very good jam tester too.
After a morning's work I was very happy to line up twenty jars of jam on the bench and even more proud when Hugo came home from school and couldn't believe I made them all. I like five year olds.
Well, I'm about to collapse on the couch for a while...
Have a lovely night,
Love Kate xxooxx.


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