Friday, July 11, 2014

Inspiration From Everywhere....

 When I was away, unlikely things filled me to the brim with inspiration. For one, chandeliers. I think we should have more - sure our ceilings may be a little low, but they could double as tiaras. 
 a lot of time was spent photographing them wherever we went. And I was satisfied with the results until Hugo showed me how he views them.
 Like this, from directly beneath. Although the jumper batwings aren't essential.
 What a world. Eight year olds are amazing aren't they. By the way, the first five photos of this post are from Warwick Castle.
 Fabric of course will always be at the top of my list - especially velvet. Can you imagine this being your bedspread. Even looking at this now I have an uncontrollable urge to lie down and nap.
 Velvet is so soft that it even makes this hot water bottle (very literal on the bottle) look cuddly.
 And then of course there are the Columbia Road flower markets. Can you believe that I was overseas during peony season!!!!

And last of all, swans.
 And cygnets. Anybody feel like resting their weary heads upon one of these little creatures - in a loving rather than crushing way.....
Or floating off somewhere like this? Oh Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park - I really can't remember when we crossed from one into the other but what magical places.
Lots and lots of love,
p.s. Too tired to read back on my writing so I hope I writ it well.


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