Saturday, July 26, 2014

Library Love.

 One of the best things about being back is my library. It is so good to have a great stack of books for the family to work through again. We read constantly while we were away, picking up books here and there and I also had a jam packed kindle. But to have this pile without spending a fortune is gold.
 I'm so excited to have the last Deborah Harkness book in her All Souls trilogy. I've enjoyed it so much. Mary Lawson is such a favourite too. She writes such a beautiful stories set in Canada. I have also been loving 'Design Bloggers at Home' by Ellie Tennant. Their houses are sooooo pretty. No huge towering piles of washing and loom band detritus anywhere.
 I'm feeling pretty happy too after sending out a stack of Stanley books. Don't forget Little Woollie's giveaway over here. The winner will be drawn on Tuesday.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend.
Lots of love,
p.s. I am reading 'When the Cypress Whispers' by Yvette Manessis Corporon which is wonderful. Mum read it a little while ago and justifiably raved about it. I can't believe I have nearly finished it, it'll be like saying goodbye to a friend!


  1. I've just finished Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, and would recommend it. Great descriptive writing. It was in for the Guardian first book prize but didn't win and I think it should have. I read all the time but rarely recommend as tastes vary, but Look out for it in the library. Good to see that your Stanley book is doing so well. I've entered Little Woollie's give away. Fingers crossed.
    S xx

  2. There's nothing nicer than a good stack of books to look forward to. Enjoy. x

  3. Hi Kate
    I'm so glad to hear that you and your mum are enjoying When The Cypress Whispers. I love posting pix of readers around the world. Please send me a pix of you reading and tell me where you are....I'd love to share and add you to our international reading family!

  4. I've missed your library posts, I haven't got a picture of my library books, should start doing that, though I seem to be slower at getting through them these days. Did you go to any second hand bookshops while you were away? I love going to second hand bookshops in different places.

  5. Reading - such a wonderful habit to encourage children into when they're young and hopefully they'll derive great pleasure from it always. Sounds like it's worked with yours, Kate:)
    I spotted that title (When the Cypress Whispers) in your stack and thought it sounded like it would be a lovely romantic read - now I'll need to check it out, thank you! xoJoy

  6. A lovely pile of books! Im waiting for some you have shown...just a bit of a drought at the moment. Hard to follow when there has been such a star as When the Cypress Whispers! I'm glad Yvette knows how much we love her book! Hope she is writing another!!, love Mum

  7. Ah, so that bloggers at home book, you mean they are the kind of bloggers that shove the mess to one side for the pictures, and then turn around to photograph the other side of the room, and just sweep the mess back where they just were!! Either that or their cupboards are just busting with stuff about to escape! xx

  8. I just got my book! I cant wait to crochet up my own Stanley and balloon!

  9. Hi Kate,
    You are so very generous with your books - thank you very much - as the lucky winner of Little Woollie's (Julie's) giveaway, I feel blessed to be the recipient of one of those "Stanley" books. Even though my children are growing up, we still enjoy evenings of sitting together on the bed in our PJs sharing books, stories and news, and sometimes even utube videos. We still find ourselves returning to favourite picture books like "Where is the green sheep" and "The Daddy Book" etc. Your book is the perfect blend of picture storybook and pattern book (I can often be found reading crochet books in bed at the end of a busy day). I have a little girl who is very excited to learn that a "Stanley" book is coming her way. She is currently crocheting an amigurumi kitten. I am sure that "Stanley & the Hot Air Balloon" will motivate her to continue crocheting.
    Thanks again, I just LOVE your work - the detail, the patience you must have but most of all the fun and whimsy and all put together with crochet! Congratulations on the publication of such a beautiful book.
    Warm regards,
    Jodie xx



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