Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another book and a house full of hair cuts...

I am beginning to have a somewhat furtive relationship with this book. I notice that every time I walk past, it stops me in its track and makes me sit down, flick through pages and sadly like our (actually I think he belonged to Lucy) old, deceased, overweight ginger tom, Ginger, dribble until my whiskers droop. The idea of hiding it in a cupboard somewhere has occurred to me but it is a library book and I don't want to lose it. I also don't want to return it, never ever, ever and am thinking about taking out library subscriptions on each family member's behalf so that I can keep it forever. It is just soo good.... soo good.
The other thing going on in this house at the moment is rather unfortunate. Half the members of the household are looking very awkward with new haircuts. Those two people happen to be Hugo and myself. Jonno and Archie are happy with their glorious heads of hair, swaggering around the house with a faint whiff of freshly shampooed superiority whilst Hugo and I, well, we are wearing lots of hats.
I have to say the hairdresser did a great job with my hair. It is very short and choppy, however, without any product (I hate the way it coats my hands whenever I self-consciously give it a ruffle) it goes into a kind of puff where I look like a monkey-headed girl. So farewell to the last haircut of scary dragon-gallery lady and hello to the 'one who lives with monkeys'... the colony has been so accepting of me fortunately.
Hugo's haircutting adventures have been quite a different story. It turned out he was not quite so enamoured by his blond curly locks and didn't think the whole sweeping fringe thing was as cute as I did. In fact, he felt it stopped him from being able to see. In fact, it did. BUT, he looked so cute.
The other night he trotted downstairs and told me that he cut his hair which he considered as a very good and practical thing to do because now he can see. It was very hard logic to argue with and he looked sososososooso funny, there was nothing in me left to firmly parent him with. Those long curly sides and the very short, hacked top was punishment enough. Jonno couldn't control his laughter and so had to leave the room.
The next morning I neatened up the sides but as I don't want his whole head to look as though a lawn mower went cyber-mad (you know what I mean, when they become slightly digital and slightly human and try to take over the world), we have to wait a couple of weeks before a general cohesion of lengths can be reached. I will post photos but first need Jonno to take a photo of me at my most monkey-like just to be fair to my smallest son.


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