Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I still exist.... I promise.

Missing in action is a terrible thing in the blogging world... but lean in closely and listen, I will tell you why there was nothing but a big greedy silence. On a wild and blustery night last week, a Tuesday if I recall rightly, a gigantic thunder storm lashed the Bay of Plenty with a dark and vengeful fury. Above our cowering house, a big blade of lightening cracked down upon us, blowing out our vulnerable little modem and plunging our home into an Internet free zone. It was such a big boom that Archie (the unwakable) sat up and cried out for me, fearing we were in the middle of an earthquake (not an uncommon situation in New Zealand).
The bright cold and hard light of day met us on Wednesday, I shall never forget it. I went to check on all of the previous night's international blog activity and... nothing, just a page that kept telling me to check my IP provider. No sorrys, no "I know this is hard for you", nothing.
For the first day I alternated between sweating and chills, the second day I had an urgent and unquenchable thirst to know what all of my blogging friends were doing, the third day I managed to potter around the house a bit but was still overcome hourly to check the computer and by the fourth day, I looked around and discovered my house was looking much tidier than it had done for months. By the seventh day I decided that cleanliness is the most overrated past time in the world.
So hurrah for the first day of Spring but more importantly ("Than Spring?" I hear the blossoms on our tree ask indignantly), hurray for being back online. So much to catch up on with all of the cup of tea reads which will be so much more interesting than any magazine.
I posted a few photos above of things that I have been doing in my computer-free week, just a few snippets including my super-rubbery new gumboots which make for the most wonderful pair I have ever worn in my life. I would give them names but I don't want them to get too conceited as I intend to walk all over them.... ba boom chi. Yes, that would be me in showing-off mode.
By the way, just 7 more sleeps until my Mama flies over to New Zealand. I have never grown out of the whole jumping into bed with her in the morning act, I just now have a couple of young puppy like creatures who also join in and we find this incredibly hard to do with an ocean in the way. The best thing is she has learnt to crochet so I am imagining lots of hooking (the more polite version) and copious amounts of tea.
Anyway, I had better go and cook something, sadly the family became very used to dinner over the last week. Honk honk.


  1. Can I actually be glad that you have been off line for a bit?
    I feel like I can actually keep up with your blog now! LOL :)
    Have a grand time with your mom! :)

  2. I don't know what I'd do if I had to go for an entire week without the internet...eeekkk!

  3. Hello again, it's even been hard to get you on the phone, so it's been a challenge!! I love those boots - mum's bringing them back for me if you're not careful!!

  4. I missed you! So glad you're back, and in fine fettle. And I'm so relieved that neither you, your family, or your house were hurt in the lightning strike.
    So will there be crocheting in bed? Maybe that will be the point your boys learn to crochet, when they see you and your mum crocheting away?
    Your food cover is gorgeous, the colourful bits 'n' bobs hanging from it really make the finishing touch.
    So good to have you back!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  5. Have a wonderful time with your mum! That sounds like so much fun. Commiserations on your lack of Net-dom... I don't know what I'd do! Go quietly mad I think... I'd definitely start twitching. Thank goodness you're back anyway... and I LOVE those gumboots! :) K

  6. Oops, sorry! I forgot to say... what is that divine book with the doily prints on it? Have you blogged about that before? Love it! :) K

  7. It is crazy when you lose internet access - we are so addicted these days eh? Well at least you got it sorted - phew! As for climbing into bed with family - I know what you mean. My sis and I used to climb in with my grandma when we were little and now I join my mum when I go to visit, I even sleep there at night - something comforting about it...even if she has awful night terrors which wake me up! Oh well...nobody's perfect! Welcome back! xxx

  8. I'm glad to see you back! A week without internet is a tough week indeed. Love your new boots as well.

  9. It's nice to have you back again and in one piece. My sister lives in Australia so I know how excited you must be feeling with your mum coming to stay. Have a great time with her.


  10. Glad to have you back in blogland. I had to miss almost a week in mid August when hubby and I helped our daughter move from Ontario, Canada to Illinois, USA. It was very hard and I was very glad when I was able to visit my friends again : )



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