Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A rainy day with little fellas.

It is a wet and rainy school holiday Wednesday today and my first proper day at home in a week or so. The boysies are well rested and as a result, human like and pleasant. AND raring to do some 'crafting'.
Usually when I decide to do a craft with them, I forget they have their own strong ideas about the outcome which is, always, completely different from my concept. Strangely, just as I have let go of controlling the process, we are starting to be on the same page.
Watching them work makes me realise how important it is to do your own creative work in front of them so they can see paint brushes being used with respect, understand how important good tension is in sewing and how wonderful colours can be when they are not all mixed into sludge brown.
Lunch time and then a nap. Wahoo.
p.s. I just can't get enough of the Spring in the garden.


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