Saturday, March 5, 2011

Parties and Party Food!!!

So... this is what you do when your 5 year old requests a hot air balloon - make the shape as simple as possible and the throw as much bright icing (the pink, yellow and of course brown are all natural colourings - I just gave blue pieces to the quieter kids) on as a banana cake can safely hold.
This is the birthday boy, Danny from 'Danny the Champion of the World' (Jonno conveniently was his dad), lurking around the food table. Who can blame him. Sorry, I have to pause, I have a butterfly net pulled down tightly over my head. You know how it is...
Squiggle cake made by squirting the left over bits of icing onto the cutoff pieces of cake - a lot of cake is sacrificed to make a hot air balloon.
Need I say more - perfect clouds thanks to Stefanie Alexander's 'The Kitchen Companion'.
Pooh Sticks (because it was a favourite book character party... no other reason...). Melted marshmallows mixed with a bit of butter, a tiny bit of sugar, cocoa powder and rice bubbles. Fantastic, definately a great dessert for your next dinner party (I swear they would enjoy it more than anything).
And the cake...
Oh the cake... And balloons (non-edible in case you were wondering).
This is what it looks like when you light the candles thinking your son is in the crowd of children. Then comes the panic when you realise he isn't there... Then the search, the calming of tears and letting him quietly blow the candles out on the stairs.
And this is what the mother returns to the kitchen looking like... Oh yes, sorry, not the mother but Pippi Longstocking.
And then the pragmatism as a whole morning's work is cut into!!!
Have a great weekend,
I am taking it easy.
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. That's just made me so hungry that I'm heading straight for the kitchen. Unfortunately there's nothing remotely that exciting in there!
    All the kiddies must have absolutely loved that riot of colour.

  2. love your outfit Kate! the cake looks brilliant. but i don't know about the pooh sticks, they look a bit too much like......well, you know, poo!


  3. That cake is simply marvellous! Well done!

  4. Wow, what a great cake and party food ideas- I might have to try them.

  5. That cake is brilliant, Kate! Herbie's birthday is coming up so I might have to take inspiration from you!

  6. Thank you for this wonderful post.My children are grown but your efforts have brought up so many wonderful memories.What a wonderful day well done you

  7. Wonderful party kate. I was just thinking, as I read this post, when your boys are older, it's going to be wonderful for them to be able to look back through your blog and re-live their parties and memories, I wouldn't mind having this sort of reference to my early life. And your outfit is wonderful Kate, truly wonderful and hilarious. Is it me, or do your boys have about ten Birthdays each a year?! I'm sure it was only yesterday you were organising a Birthday party for one of your darling boys. I think of your home as the party home of the world kate! Love Vanessa xxx

  8. Yummy party food - it all looks amazing and it would appear everyone had a fab time. It is party season at our house soon - sleepover for ten year old girls - not looking forward to it! x

  9. Wow! What a fab cake. I love it, so colourful. Its one of those cakes that your children will remember when they are grown up.

  10. :-)

    Very nice, this birthday-'cake'!
    And cute photo's...

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