Friday, March 11, 2011

The Week is Ending!

I love the colours of 4 ply cotton so much...
I wish the company made an 8ply equivalent. They are just edible.
This is Hugo's early morning drawing of an alien with bosoms. Need I say more?
And a little photo of one of my all time favourite Liberty patterns. I am not sure what the name is but I always keep my eye out for it (unsuccessfully). Mum brought it back from England for me years ago.
I am so sorry it has been such a quiet blogging week - I have really only taken these photos of pretty today things as an excuse to pop by and say hello. Poor old Archie has had a temperature bug this week so we have spent a lot of time doing cosy things like reading books, drinking tea (me) and chatting. However, there has been little time for anything else. Archie is well and truly back to health so hopefully next week there may be a few voila moments.
Until then, have a lovely weekend!
Lots and lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Those cotton colours are divine, Kate. I haven't seen that Liberty pattern so it must be a retired one? Sorry to hear poor Archie is ill and hope he's on the mend soon. Have a great weekend.
    Hen x

  2. Bellissima questa presina e' primaverile!!!!! Anto

  3. Love those colours, oh and your yummy cooking too :)

  4. That little crochet square is darling. Is it pieced together? What yummy colors too.

  5. I hope Archie recovers soon, being ill is just the worst thing. Hen has been working with Tana Lawn from Liberty in her quilts recently, and they look gorgeous. Tana Lawn is just the height of luxury isn't it. I hope that gorgeous piece of crochet is going to be a little pillow for one of the Slipper Sisters, and that we get to see a photo of one or both resting her head on it! Love Vanessa xxx

  6. Hi Kate, beautiful mini patchwork crochet you have been working on! I am working on a same kind of project and plan to sew the mini squares together with an embroidery needle. Is that how you joined them too? Just curious.
    xx Maaike



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