Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big 5 year old birthdays.

Hugo officially turned 5 yesterday after months of begging for it to happen. Thank goodness too as the whole family has become a little tired of the 'how many sleeps' question (he hasn't started asking about next year's one yet).
As a very special treat, Hugo's teacher let him have the day at home so we iced cupcakes together, made little necklaces for party bags (extremely simple ones this year - a necklace and a lolly pop), cleared up garden prunings and swept the veranda. A very nice and quiet day - one that I don't think he will want to repeat as a teenager so extra(ley) special.

This week has been more than a little consumed by birthdays and boys - Archie was invested as a Cub Scout on Wednesday, but next week, I promise there will be lots and lots and lots of colourful crafting again... if not I think I may go bonkers.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Happy birthday to you littlest man. Where did that five years go I bet your asking?
    Looking forward to crafty posts, although family ones are just as special.
    Anne xx

  2. He He, happe birthday.
    My boy is asking me the same guestion. He is turning 6 in less that a month....
    Nice picure off your happy boy with the cakes in his hands and around his mouth:))


  3. It does make me laugh how children can measure time in 'how many sleeps' ?. I really like the necklaces, can I ask where you get the charms for them from ?...

  4. A great big happy Birthday to Big Hugo, what a grown up! And what great party bags! I always wonder if the tradition of party bags are the bane of Mum's lives, just another thing to do, but it looks like you've turned them in to a thing of great fun, and style, as ever. Gosh, aren't the slipper sisters growing up! They're no longer that tiny ball of fluff. They look as though they're very confident these days. I'd have loved to have listened to the thump thump thump as they went up and down the stairs, and even better, seen them do it. Love your yellow and white strupy scarf, I'm completely besotted with stripes at the moment, and love wearing stripy stockings and different length and different coulr stripy t-shirts, it gives me great joy! Love Vanessa xxx

  5. Happy Birthday Hugo!!!The how many sleeps questions made me laugh. That is exactly how my 5 year old counts days. Sometimes when he takes an afternoon nap, he asks if its a new day!!:)

  6. Belated Happy Birthday to your littlest man! Hope it was a brilliant day!

    We share our Birthday!

    Astrid xx



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