Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Last Day of Autumn.

Suddenly it is not hard to believe today is the last day of Autumn. There is still a little bit of warmth in the air when the sun is out, but as soon as it sneaks away, the air becomes icy. Thank goodness I have finished knitting my new hot water bottle just in time for cold feet. Tomorrow I will include some knitting notes as I have to go back and find the pattern I used.
We have been lighting fires again. The boys decided to bring the big beanbag in for fireside snuggling. It is heaven to curl up on but I have tripped up on it a few times today... all worth it though to know I can sink into it at anytime with cushions and blankets waiting for me (if any newcomers are wondering, the crochet hexagon pattern comes from Lucy at Attic24 - she writes the best crochet recipes.
Stories by the fire. I am so happy to be a day away from winter.
Hugo just came up to me and told me he has the same name as Father Christmas. Apparently the great man himself visited Hugo and told him his true name. Who would have thunk it.
I'm a bit tired tonight, I went into school today and taught Archie's class to felt. I told them that to be good at felting, you must enjoy frightening the living daylights out of wool and also be very violent. It was hilarious watching them roar as they pounded on their wool. Let me tell you, a class of 7 and 8 year olds make wonderful little felt hammers. Hopefully I will get a good photo of their work in the next couple of days. As Jonno would say, toodleloo xxooxx.


  1. That's really something crazy to read about autumn when outside my window is hot summer!
    Wonderful hot bottle cover!

  2. As lovely a post as ever! the cosy snugly pics are sooo warm I wish I could just sneek in. And your hot water bottle cover is super, good colours!

  3. What sweet and cozy pictures you have posted Kate! Even though it is spring here in Holland, we are having rainy days and snuggling up by the fire sounds like a great idea to me...!

    Love, Maaike

  4. Those little booties are beautiful! I love the colours.

  5. Ah very snuggly pictures indeed, very cute booties!!!

  6. Snuggly Buggly! Love your hot water bottle cover, the colours and stripes are just wonderful! Those booties are so teeny tiny! breaks your heart they're so small, can such smallness really exist? Love Vanessa xxx

  7. Just wanted to say hello, have only just discovered your blog and have just spent a lovely half hour flicking through your posts. I really admire your sense of colour..
    Kathryn x

  8. I love the photograph of your boy on the beanbag surrounded by all your gorgeous crochet - your post sounds very cosy as you write about the last days of autumn...we are awaiting summer but to be honest, I could do with that yummy hot water bottle (gorgeous knitted cover by the way) to keep me warm, the temperatures have been unseasonably cool!
    Sending love, Julia x

    ps - the word verification just now was hottie!!! :D

  9. I love your hottie cover - especially the colour combo. I can't quite entertain the idea of making one just as we are heading into Summer, but might add it to the to-do list for Autumn, especially now I've just learnt to knit!

  10. How great it is to sit by a fire and have storys read to you, great memories.

  11. I love your blog, so have passed on an award to you. Please visit my blog and accept it.



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