Friday, December 2, 2011

In the Box....

What's in the box....
An angel bunny for our school secretary who is one herself - an angel that is, not a bunny.

And what lurks beneath this wrapping....
A little reindeer for our principle who has the most Christmassy surname of Stagg.
This little one is still waiting, I think a little nervously.
Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on the Christmas baubles. Because I appreciate your words so much and they have brightened up my day beyond imaging, I will write up the pattern early next week.
Until then though, have a wonderful weekend.
Love Kate xxooxx.


  1. Oh lucky lucky secretary and lucky lucky lucky Head! What lovely thoughtful gifts! I'm looking forward to making a beautiful bauble or two myself :)x

  2. I wish I were a teacher of your son . . I would have loved to have received a handmade ornament like the ones you make. Those are three lucky ornaments you have pictured and they are going to very lucvky people . . my mom was a school secretary and I have always known that the school doesn't run well when the secretary is out . . they are SO IMPRTANT to a well run school.

  3. so precious ...
    such beautiful gifts and gift giving!

  4. What beautiful gifts and what lucky people that are going to receive them ~ I'm sure they will be so pleased. I'm looking forward to the bauble pattern as I can't wait to get started on one :O)x

  5. Oh wow, those are beautiful, they are very lucky recipients. I'm still debating whether to make or buy presents for my daughters' teachers, I think time might be the deciding factor!

  6. Ooh aren't they lucky! What lovely pressies!

  7. Wowo everything is so beautiful!!! Please teach us how to make those stars!!!

    Marcela, fan living in Belgium.



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