Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Christmas Peeps AND the Best Shortbread Recipe Ever!!!

Business first, Jonno cut out the stag head shield for me yesterday and I spent the day spraying it. The unnamed little fellow is now mounted and waiting for a brass plate to announce his name (although he may have to make do with a cardboard one until after Christmas).

The presents are almost, almost done.
And the boys and I are still enjoying our Christmas glamming of the house.

Now, for the shortbread recipe. I do not make this claim lightly but I do think we may have a winning recipe. It is gluten free but please don't let this turn you off if you are lucky enough to be a gluten eater. I made a batch of gluten and gluten free the other day and had my father-in-law (well known as a shortbread connoisseur test it). Jonno and the boys back up his decision whole heartedly. Here we go...


250 grams softened butter
1 cup of icing sugar
1 1/2 cups of white rice flour
1 1/2 cups of corn flour

Pre-heat oven to 180c. Cream butter and icing sugar together. Add rice flour and corn flour and mix well until it comes together in a big ball. Add a little extra butter if it is too dry or crumbly. Roll out on a well floured bench and cut into shapes or roll into a log and slice into circles. Bake for approximately 30 minutes. When they come out of the oven be patient, don't test to see if they are cool with your tongue - it took forever for the blister on Hugo's to go away.

Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.


  1. You are a star! I will swap you for my gluten free mince pie recipe that I was just about to post on my blog. I am always after good GF ideas, and I love making (and eating) shortbread

  2. I love the photos of your beautiful holiday home, thank you for the inspiration. Mostly, I must say that I am SO in love with the deer head. That has given me the wants like crazy! :)

  3. Love the stag and the adorable cushion cover, AND those beautiful decorations!!

  4. Love your bright colourful photos! We have been paperchaining our house too and also thanks for the tip re the shortbread temperature test - ouch a blister there must hurt!

  5. Thanks so much for the recipe. I'll definitely try it as my son is autistic so doesn't tolerate gluten at all. He does, however, LOVE biscuits so these will be a winner I'm sure. Love your blog.... Have a truly magical Christmas... x

  6. If only I could make a stag head just like yours!
    Happy Christmas Kate, beautiful crafts all over your home, wow ...



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