Monday, December 19, 2011

A Very Greedy Christmas Tree.

Finally, finally, finally we have our Christmas tree up. The rain poured all weekend and I was beside myself with the thought that we were wasting our 'having a gaudily decorated tree in our house' time. Then, for a moment, the skies cleared and Jonno and the boys jumped into the ute and went to Bethlehem (really, truly, it's a nearby suburb) and found the most perfect tree ever grown.
The most exciting part about this tree is the big hollow at the top which I think would be perfect for a giant paper crane to nest in. Note the boys' amazingly large stockings - I will show them properly another day but please know that Santa Claus is not expected to fill them - the size is so that they can put all of their presents in and then transport them to wherever we are spending the day.
Instead of using Christmas lights (mainly because I don't have any), this year I am using a garland of party lights that I bought last year from Cotton On. I love them so much that I am now determined to seek out more.

I love Christmas trees!!!
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. So very beautiful and you are right, it's a perfect shaped Christmas tree xox

  2. You tree is AWESOME!!!! I love it.
    Anne xx

  3. It's just lovely (*sighs wistfully), especially the lights x

  4. such a colourful tree... so happy. Also have you sprayed the fire guard around your burner? If so what a brilliant idea. I hate fireguards they are so ugly, but a necessity. We've just installed a burner, so we need to get one! Lou x

  5. Oh your Christmas tree is wonderful! I just love love it!
    Happy Holidays!
    LS xoxo

  6. Lov a homemade decortion Christmas tree with ingenious lights.

  7. Gorgeous and bright! ooh and let us know if you find anymore of those lights - would love some for somewhere/anywhere in my house!

  8. Your tree is beautiful!!! Love the lights. VERY good idea about the crane in the top. Last year our star (which was a zillion years old) fell to pieces so my 6 year old son stuck up a toy zebra (living in Africa it made sense)! Different but just perfect! Merry Christmas!!!! lol x

  9. Cotton On has more different ones! I bought some recently and hung them in the Executive Suite, makes for nice ambience during 'Mummy And Daddy Time'...

  10. Wonderful busy tree. Love seeing how everyone does theirs. I've still to get a decent picture of ours. It doesn't feel like christmas to me until the tree is in so can imagine your itchiness to get going.

    Merry Christmas to you all.



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