Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Byes....

 We have had such a special couple of weeks with Mum and today we said our brave/sad good byes. 
I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful Mum who encourages me with everything I do and loves me so, so, so, so much. She is even nice to Jonno and the boys!
Lots and lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


fee @ chipper nelly said...

Lovely post - Mums are ace!
Stay chipper
fee x

millefeuilles said...

I can imagine your brave sadness at kissing her good-bye. I live in France, my parents in England: it's always a wrench to see them go. She looks like a fabulous mother!


Lily said...

I find it difficult with my parents 150 miles away. You must find saying goodbye almost impossible. I am glad you had a lovely week. Its such a shame families are spread out so much these days. I was thinking about this only yesterday. When I grew up almost my entire family lived within walking distance of each other. I miss it. xxx

Sue said...

Oh I agree mum's are wonderful. After a fraught week at work and a tearful phone call to my mum, I came home on Friday to find a bunch of flowers,some digestive biscuits and a Danish pastry each! Fantastic MUM!

Crystal Saga Gold said...

I can brainstorm your adventurous anguish at kissing her good-bye. I reside in France, my parents in England: it's consistently a bend to see them go. She looks like a aces mother!


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