Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mollie Makes and Other Excitement.

 My first bit of excitement for today is that I have discovered that quilting clips (otherwise known as hair clips) are amazing for pinning oilcloth projects together - wahoo. I am well on the way to finishing my bag now.
 I don't know if this obsession with yellow corduroy will ever end... typing this I know I'll look back on that statement in five years with dismay and bewilderment. 
This rotary cutter is my new friend. I can't believe he sat in a basket for two years without being used. I am taking him for a walk every day at the moment.
Now as for my other very exciting news, later on today I am going to be the guest blogger over at Mollie Makes!!!! Go and check it out.... 
I'm about to leave the house for a girl's dinner at my friend Asa's house. Asa is a nurse and works long hours so her husband is cooking a roast for us - I melted when I heard that. 
Better go and pack my bag with knitting, slippers and wine.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. oh - there you are on Molly Makes. Yah, aren't you looking happy. I keep going to get that magazine from the newsagency but it's sold out. Guess I'll have to subscribe.
    Have a lovely yellow sunshine week. xxx

  2. Enjoy your dinner. I am just going to pop over to Mollie Makes - well done! lily. xxx

  3. Aw..I'm so proud of you Kate! Only the other day I dragged one of my clients to the salon computer to show her your Tulle and Tissue Flowers... whether she wanted to see or not! She did actually really love them! I love Mollie Makes don't you? xxx

  4. Congrats on the guest post! That's exciting. I've made your flowers for a shower, and they were a hit! The people at the shower asked that there be a draw for them.

    In other words, great project!


  5. P.S. Forgot to say that zshoozshing is absolutely a bona fide actual word....we use it all the time at ABH! Of course we're zshoozshing hair, not tulle! Night night chick xxxx

  6. Wow that is exciting and I think you'll always love that yellow, like a little bit of sunshine!



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